Car Insurance in Ireland : Know how it’s different from that of other countries

Car Insurances in Ireland are distinctive from rest of the countries. They don’t have any set of rules to follow. Unlike other countries they don’t consider the factors that determines or evaluates an individual to provide an insurance to. The various factors like- driver’s age and his driving records, vehicle’s age and condition and whether the vehicle is for personal or commercial use, all these factors determines an individual’s eligibility for a particular car insurance policy.
Car Insurance in Ireland

Less Statistical Risk Calculation Involved In Ireland

However, car insurance doesn’t contain any guideline or eligibility criteria for the insured in Ireland. Unlike other nations that have higher rates of premium for larger cities having a dense traffic and population, Ireland has fewer cities with dense traffic and population. Rural and urban areas do have an affect on the insurance rates. Vehicles running in rural areas get a lower premium rate, due to less risks of road accidents through vehicles. Whereas citing the high risks of road accidents, these rates go higher in an urban area. But, this condition is also out of their list of their statistical risk calculations.

Ireland Car insurance neither considers any young driver having a driver’s training to offer him a lower rates insurance policy nor to a married person who has a family burden to shoulder on, other countries do have some such considerations/relaxations. A young driver who is a student and lives at home gets some relaxation in a car insurance policy, whereas Ireland is far from such considerations. They are rigid so to say and are less friendly towards their insured.

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Car insurance provider in Ireland has got no statistical calculations to provide an insurance to a car owner that suits him or that protects him from any kind of danger that is cited to surround him from any corner. They allow no flexibilities and considerations as a car insurance provider.