Yesterday I mentioned I was jumping on the Essential Oils bandwagon and that this would include a really awesome giveaway.  Well, this is the giveaway I promised.  🙂   My introduction into using Essential Oils for medicinal purposes came in a sample of doTerra Lavender.  I’ve been using it in many ways- rubbing it on Bear’s feet at night, putting some on my husband’s pillow, using it on myself to help me relax, etc.  And, of course, on the cloth diapers… which doesn’t seem medicinal but if you’ve ever smelled a cloth diaper when it’s due for a stripping… well, let’s just say that’s medicinal!  Haha!  With just that one EO I was happy. Then Tanna, from Milkweed Botanicals, introduced me to Peppermint and Lemon with the doTerra Introductory Kit.  Yup.  I’m sold. I’ve only had these EOs in my house a week, and I honestly don’t know enough about them to get the full use out of them yet, but just the short list given on the box and on Milkweed Botanicals of ways to use them has been invaluable!  We are currently in the height of allergy season here and my breathing has been rough the past couple of days.  Usually I turn to my inhaler on days like these, but this time I decided to give the EOs a try first.  The box claims that the three combined can really help with allergies, so I put a drop of each on my wrist and chest.  Almost right away I noticed that my breathing was clearing up and my eyes weren’t so wattery.  Within 20 minutes it was as if I’d taken an allergy pill- I felt great!  I also found that Peppermint  really helped clear my lungs so I could breath better, so I inhaled a drop and right away I felt better than if I’d just sucked on my inhaler.  Oh, and I smelled fantastic! I use all three together now in the morning as a preventative rather than waiting for my allergies to attack and things have been going great.  It has been rainy which means allergens are lower now, so I’m anxious to see if this can continue once everything dries out and they go back up.  I’m pretty optimistic, though, seeing as how I haven’t taken an allergy pill or my inhaler in three days! Of course, there are so many other uses for these.  Medicinal, psychological, personal cleaning… I don’t really know why you wouldn’t want to have a ton around your house!  Although, I will say that I can see my bank account really suffering after a while.  They are fabulous, but a bit pricey for this frugal girl.  HOWEVER, when I take into account how much I spend on my allergy meds alone each year, I’d be saving myself a lot of money.  And if these can also replace pain relievers, diaper rash creams, Goo Gone, odor removers, digestive aids, beauty products, and caffeine  (see graphic) as they claim then I could buy every EO available from doTerra and still be saving money!  Maybe… I am really frugal… My point is, they seem promising.  Anything that can make my family healthier and happier is well worth whatever price attached.  So when you really look at it that way, they are rather affordable.  Now, to get my hands on some of those Blends… WIN IT! As promised, we will be giving away and Introductory Kit containing Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint to one lucky EcoFrugal follower!  This kit is valued at over $25 and all you have to do to win is follow the direction on the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good luck!

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Majority of the travelers around the world seem to be quite young, and with young age comes the possibility of being more vulnerable while traveling. The Gen Y crowd often finds the idea of paying a huge amount for something that they have never seen or for something, they may perhaps never use. However, they overlook the need of travel insurance when they commute by air. The idea of traveling without an insurance policy is a myth and also a financial mistake that most travelers commit. An accident or an unfortunate incident may occur to anybody while traveling, irrespective of their age. If you do not have any form of travel insurance coverage, your life may be in danger in terms of the financial damage and the medical costs that may inflict upon you in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is wise to get your travel insurance policy from your nearest insurer and stay safe than sorry. Read on to educate yourself on the various travel insurance coverage available on such a policy. Trip cancellation coverage: If your trip operator or cruise suddenly runs out of money or goes bankrupt, or you cancel your trip at the eleventh hour due to sickness, this coverage provides you protection. If you have this coverage on your travel insurance policy, the insurance company will reimburse the unused portion of your trip. This can benefit you because you will not waste your hard earned dollars for something that you could not even use. Travel medical coverage: Nothing can be worse than falling sick during your vacation. Only having a medical insurance policy will not help in such a situation. A medical travel insurance coverage will pay for all kinds of medical costs that you incur during your trip. It may be costs incurred while treating malaria, food poisoning or any kind of illness. Such coverage will also cover emergency hospital visits and ambulance costs. Emergency evacuation: If you have this coverage included in your travel insurance policy, you can get back your money in case you suddenly had a flight back home due to some illness. It also includes any accident or unfortunate incident that you faced during the trip and due to which you had to return home before your trip actually ended. If you travel abroad, make sure that you bring copies of your medical records in the event that you need to consider an evacuation policy. Accidental death coverage: As you travel abroad or within the country, you’re always exposed to accidents and death. You can insure your life and help your family members whom you leave behind. Such coverage will provide assistance if you accidentally die or become permanently crippled during the trip. The compensation will reach your beneficiaries in due course of time. So, get your travel insurance policy done soon. You must always remember that even a vacation that is best planned can be interrupted by a glitch and become the worst vacation of your life. Protection during traveling is a guarantee of security. Get your trip insured and go for your holidays with complete peace of mind.

What Travel Insurance Can Do for You?

Insurance, be it travel insurance, life insurance or any other insurance, is must for every individual or objects. In this chapter, we will talk of auto insurance. All of us think, owning a car and going to a long drive would be a thrill. But, only a few are aware of the fact that, not getting the best insurance coverage for the same wouldn’t be a thrill in reality. Before owning a car, you must keep in mind for it’s insurance. Although the cost matters, but you can’t avoid this. Having an insurance is as important as having a car. Or it is more important than your car, so to say. You have to look for the best and affordable insurance policy that suits your budget. There are plenty of auto insurance companies offering cheap auto insurance polices. Just shop around a bit and you can easily land up on good company. Take the help of Internet in this matter too. Now you can understand, how risky it is driving without insurance. However, if you are caught with a fault of you by the insurance agency, you may have to pay for all the expenses you have wrongly claimed. However, if any damage caused accidentally, insurance is all there to pull you out of the mishap. You will get your claimed money then and that is the benefit of getting insured. Auto insurances has medical coverage also. There are many ways to search for some best auto insurance policies. Now online resources are plenty and can provide you with a good deal of knowledge in this field. You can get quotes, which helps you to compare prices. You can also contact an insurance agent, who will help you search quotes in this regard. Auto insurance rate varies from type to type depending on the provider and coverage selected. Do make sure, insurance coverage should be such as to meet your loan. If you bought a car for hire purpose, banks demand a certain amount of coverage. So, make sure you have the right insurance coverage meeting your requirements the best. Finding the best Auto insurance rates at affordable price and getting an access to it, is not so tough. Your search strategy should be a good one. Make online and offline searches both. Anyone may click the right one for you. An agent would definitely take your headache to provide you the knowledge, which may benefit you the best. As today insurance companies are growing in numbers, they have become competitive and offer reasonable rates of insurance for you. So,make your search and choose the best one, you may have a better luck with.

How to Get an Auto Insurance at Affordable Price

Claims Secrets Your Insurer Doesn’t Tell You
When most people buy auto insurance, they focus on the policy’s cost. They usually trust that the coverage they purchase will be sufficient to handle any accidents that may happen, but they don’t always research the claims process. When an accident happens, they may realize that there are some things they don’t understand, and an insurance company may not be eager to explain. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about insurance claims. 1. You don’t have to file the claim with your insurer. If you are not at fault for the accident, you don’t have to call your insurance company at all. You can file the claim with the insurance of the person who hit you, and they will be liable for your repairs and rental car. This is true even if you don’t have coverage on your vehicle, and you won’t need to pay a deductible. 2. Your insurance company doesn’t want you to get an attorney. Depending on the facts of the loss, you may or may not benefit from the services of an attorney, but an insurance company will never encourage you to get one. It’s against the insurer’s interests, since attorneys nearly always negotiate larger payouts. 3. Your insurance will offer to settle for injuries. After an accident, your insurance company will approach you with a settlement offer for injuries. This will usually be between $500 and $1,000. If you accept the settlement, the claim will be resolved quickly, but you will not be able to get any more money for injuries. It’s almost always in your best interests to reject the initial settlement and demand more money after you have a clear idea of how much your medical expenses will cost. 4. You might not get as much for your car. If your car is a total loss, you might not get as much for it as you’re expecting. Your car’s total loss value is determined by taking its market value and adjusting it based on the car’s mileage and condition. Your car may be worth much less to your insurer than you would have gotten for selling it. The total loss settlement is negotiable, though, and you can get a higher price if you have an independent adjuster appraise its value. 5. There may be expenses you have to pay for that you’re not expecting. Most insurance companies have limits as to what they will pay for rental cars, storage costs, towing charges, and other expenses. The only way to know for sure what you will have to pay out of pocket is to ask. Be sure to hold onto your receipts for any expenses in case you can have them reimbursed. Ultimately, insurance companies try to spend the least possible amount on handling a claim. This is not to say that they’ll always cut corners or give poor-quality work, but it does mean that they’re not always generous with information that could save you money on claims. If you’re involved in an accident, it’s a good idea to do as much independent research as possible to make sure you’re protecting yourself. Brenda Hartman writes about tips and secrets to successfully navigating car insurance. If you are looking for a better, more reliable insurance deal, Brenda recommends looking into car insurance for business.

Five Claims Secrets Your Insurer Doesn’t Tell You

Car Insurances in Ireland are distinctive from rest of the countries. They don’t have any set of rules to follow. Unlike other countries they don’t consider the factors that determines or evaluates an individual to provide an insurance to. The various factors like- driver’s age and his driving records, vehicle’s age and condition and whether the vehicle is for personal or commercial use, all these factors determines an individual’s eligibility for a particular car insurance policy. Less Statistical Risk Calculation Involved In Ireland However, car insurance doesn’t contain any guideline or eligibility criteria for the insured in Ireland. Unlike other nations that have higher rates of premium for larger cities having a dense traffic and population, Ireland has fewer cities with dense traffic and population. Rural and urban areas do have an affect on the insurance rates. Vehicles running in rural areas get a lower premium rate, due to less risks of road accidents through vehicles. Whereas citing the high risks of road accidents, these rates go higher in an urban area. But, this condition is also out of their list of their statistical risk calculations. Ireland Car insurance neither considers any young driver having a driver’s training to offer him a lower rates insurance policy nor to a married person who has a family burden to shoulder on, other countries do have some such considerations/relaxations. A young driver who is a student and lives at home gets some relaxation in a car insurance policy, whereas Ireland is far from such considerations. They are rigid so to say and are less friendly towards their insured. Have you heard of Axa car insurance, Ireland? They have got some relaxation in insurance premium rates. You can search online for Axa car insurance quotes for better reliability and assurance. Car insurance provider in Ireland has got no statistical calculations to provide an insurance to a car owner that suits him or that protects him from any kind of danger that is cited to surround him from any corner. They allow no flexibilities and considerations as a car insurance provider.

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How Much Life Insurance Should You Really Have
Deciding how much life insurance you really need can be confusing no matter what age you are. Simple calculators can complicate the decision by telling you that you only need eight times your annual income. Other online tools will tell you that everyone should take out a policy totaling at least a million dollars. The truth of the matter is this – life insurance is a very personal decision, and the decision shouldn’t be made lightly. Here are considerations to take when deciding just how much life insurance you really need: Final Expenses Funeral and burial expenses can vary by state, location, funeral home and cemetery. On average, final expenses today cost $15,000. If you live a full life, you can expect this cost to be much higher by the time of your passing. The proceeds from your insurance policy are tax-free and will often be delivered more quickly than if your loved ones had to wait for money from your estate. Debts Total the balance of your mortgage, vehicle loans, student loans and other debt that you are currently carrying. For instance, if the balance of your mortgage is $70,000, you owe $25,000 in auto loans, $50,000 in student loans and have a personal loan with a $10,000 balance; your total would be $155,000. College Tuition If you have children, you’ll want to ensure that they are able to attend college. College tuition rises at a rate of about five percent per year. Take a look at the current costs of any colleges that you are interested in sending your children to. Decide if you want to foot the bill for four years of college or are only going to foot the bill for a portion of the costs and come up with a total. If the state university is currently charging $15,000 per year for tuition and room and board, you would need $60,000 to send one child off to college this year. Replacing Your Income Because you have already covered the cost of your final expenses, debts and the kids’ education, you only need to include about 50 percent of the income that you would earn until retirement. For example, if you earn $40,000 a year, divide that number by 0.05, and it totals out to $800,000. Using these examples, you would need coverage in the amount of $1,300,000. Use this number as a starting point only. Depending on your family’s situation, you may need more or less coverage. If you have no pension through your employer, you may want to take more coverage. If you have a $40,000 life insurance policy through your company, you may want to consider less coverage. You can also take less coverage if your spouse makes a substantial salary or if you have a significant savings account. Life insurance is a very personal consideration, and it is a consideration that should not be taken lightly. Our thoughts rarely turn to death when we are young and healthy. Accidents and sudden, unexpected illnesses do occur, and the eventuality of your death must be discussed. It’s important that your family not suffer needlessly after your passing. Purchase a life insurance policy with the proper amount of coverage to ensure that your family is taken care of after you are gone.

How Much Life Insurance Should You Really Have?

A quote from commercial van insurance is something you need to check first when you are going to apply for a commercial van insurance. Commercial van insurance in the UK differs from a quote of personal insurance in many different ways. The two quotes will differ in terms of the type of coverage that you will need. One of the insurance companies that provide you several options is AXA van insurance. Moreover, this insurance is not something that you can leave behind while you are just setting up your business. It is better to get an insurance estimation in order to protect your business assets. The commercial van insurance is completely different from car insurance. We’ll be discussing the differences below. The first tip is to do your homework, which is finding out and searching online for extras that you can add or remove from your van package. It is a good idea to find the highest and the lowest price that are available. Find also the limitations and advantages. Secondly, find an insurance broker. Usually, they represent not only one company, but many companies. This way, they will have the capability of providing multiple quotes without you need to shop around. They may be able to find you the best coverage according to your needs and they would have the knowledge of the local market. The last tip is to buy bundle packages. Buying a bundle with an insurance company may reduce insurance costs overall. However it is important to have in mind that some of the packages may contain cover that will give no benefit to your business.

Commercial Van Insurance Tips before Joining the Company

How Frugal Homeowners Save on Home Insurance
Home insurance can be one of the most important bills you might find yourself paying every month, yet many people overpay for it by accepting the first quote they see. For the majority of people, there’s no reason to settle for an unreasonable home insurance bill. If you save money in other areas of your life, why not apply the same simple principles to reduce your home insurance bill? Here are some simple tips to help you save money on your homeowners insurance. Frugal people don’t have to go without insurance in order to save money if they put these tips into action. Raise your deductible. The single easiest way to reduce your monthly premiums is by raising your deductible. This is always a tradeoff to consider carefully, as this means you will have to have a little more cash on hand. If there is a disaster and you are required to pay your deductible, you will need to pay more – $1,000 instead of $500, for example. The money you save in premiums can easily be put into a deductible account if you want to fund this potential expense. Keeping a little extra in your emergency account is typically worth it, however, as most people don’t file claims for years. Install safety features. Your home insurance price depends greatly on the safety features in your home. If you have a smoke detector, for example, you will pay far less each month than someone who doesn’t. There is no reason to be without basic security like a smoke detector! Another type of safety feature many people overlook is an alarm system. Insurance companies are happy to offer people with alarm systems lower rates because their risk of burglary is lower. Combine your policies. Do you currently pay for auto or life insurance? Combining your policies can help save you money. The exception to the rule is if you have a policy that is particularly valuable – say, one you bought during a different economic time when the rates you were offered were better than today’s rates. In general, many insurance companies are willing to attract customers by allowing them to combine policies and receive a percentage discount for each policy they hold. Shop around when you renew. Don’t just automatically renew your policy every year – take the chance to shop around a little and find a better homeowners policy. Use an online comparison tool to get home insurance quotes that are tailored to your home profile and local area. Then, follow up with insurance agents or representatives to make sure you’re eligible for these rates. Getting better home insurance rates isn’t an impossible chore. If you are frugal in other areas of your life, you probably have the patience required to save money on home insurance, too. There’s no reason you should be paying far more for home insurance just because you didn’t shop around enough before accepting a quote and signing a contract. When your contract expires or you move, take the time to shop around for the right policy. Barry Johnson is an insurance adjuster. He frequently shares money saving tips on homeowner blogs.

How Frugal Homeowners Save on Home Insurance

For any human being a policy on life insurance is must or at least very necessary. Ignorance on the importance of life insurance is a blunder. There are endless topics that tackle life insurance policies. They say, save money now to earn after death. However, this is a wrong conception of people. The money spent on life insurance is worth spending as it can secure your family from any sudden financial loss. People do realize this later in their age. Anyway, if you’re optimistic, insure yourself with a good and beneficial policy. There are plenty of such policies in the market. You need to choose a policy that suits you best and is affordable for you. Search for a few policies and go through the terms and benefits of them. Settle on one and find peace of mind for your family. Some life insurance policies provide benefits for a considerable long periods making you comfortable in paying the premium amount at your convenience. Ensure that your policy secures you and your loved ones. This is the worst effect of not having any life insurance policy. To avoid this situation and to better your life style, get a life insurance policy that you think would be the best for you. However, there are negativism concerning life insurance policies, that the critics often target.  Most cases involve intentional death of the policy holder in order to obtain money of the insured person. At time the insurance company go bankrupt which leaves the policyholder in distress. Following are a few tips that can save you from a certain unwanted situations: Do make research on the advantages and disadvantages of the life insurance policies available. This would  help you arrive at a decision more securely. You will be able to choose according to your need concerning your safety and security. Ask your friends, colleagues or the people in your circle to have required knowledge in this field. You can also make online search which alone has a vast storage of knowledge in every field. Settle with the one life insurance policy you are most satisfied with. This prevents you from  the feeling of insecurity that arises from the lack of proper knowledge. Once you are aware of its pros and cons, you can guess what can happen and what not. Do visit the  insurance company to know the facts more clearly. Try to know how far it is successful in providing its services. Get in touch with a registered life insurance agent. The agent can help you in this regard. Ask him/her to explain the terms & conditions as well as the benefits of such policies. Also, make sure the payout of the policy after maturity is smooth. Before signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions of your life insurance policy, go through the guidelines of it, read it very carefully. This part is often neglected by the policy holders. The insurance company may change the guidelines and can make provisions to their advantages. Therefore, it is advisable to read the guidelines carefully before signing anywhere in the policy papers. Be conscious and little aware, then you are all safe and secure. Keep in mind that life insurance policy unlike any other insurance policy is an investment as well it secures your family in case of your death. So, choose the best one which gives you the best of returns.

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